Does Carbonated Water Hydrate You Like Regular Water?

Some people feel that carbonated water can't hydrate you like regular water can. They think that the bubbles in the carbonated water make it much less effective for combatting dehydration. However, this is not the case. Carbonated water is just like regular water; only it offers a fun and more exciting way to drink your daily allotment of water.

Fruit flavored sparkling (carbonated) water also makes a great and healthy alternative to soda because it has zero calories and no added sugar. The biggest difference between sparkling water and regular water are the bubbles. How your body uses the water and reacts to it is the exact same.

Carbonated water has carbon dioxide added to it, and this is how you get that fun, signature bubbly effect that carbonated water is known for.

Carbonated Water for Hydration

Research has been done in the past in an attempt to learn how water and carbonated water can both hydrate. They also included other beverages to test their hydration levels, including soda, juice, coffee, and milk. But, of course, it was found that still water and sparkling water both hydrated the same with minimal differences between them.

Through these studies, they found that still water and carbonated water were both as useful for hydration. One didn't win out over the other. This is because they have the same base ingredient - they are both just water.

Carbonated Water Differences

The carbonation in sparkling water has very little effect on the body when it comes to digestion. However, it was found that it might take the body a bit longer to empty the liquid from the small intestine to the stomach after drinking carbonated water, which can affect how the water is absorbed by the body.

Still water is absorbed more quickly than sparkling or carbonated water, but once it is absorbed, the effects and the benefits are the exact same. Sparkling water is also a good alternative for those who aren't fans of still water because of the flatness and tastelessness of the water. These people find sparkling water much easier to swallow.

You can also add a splash of juice to sparkling water to create a refreshing and low-calorie drink if you are looking for a little flavor, so you stop reaching for the sugary sodas. The only time you probably want to stick with still water is during your workout.

People tend to shy away from carbonated water during a workout, which can cause dehydration. So, for this, still water reigns supreme. Other than that, the experts still say you can drink carbonated water to reach your recommended daily serving of water (eight glasses) each day.

Making the Switch to Carbonated Water

If you are someone who finds it hard to get their eight glasses of water every day, then you may want to consider switching to carbonated water. Some even feel that it is a much more natural way to drink water, and it is much easier to swallow.

Another reason to make the switch is if you find yourself addicted to soda, and you need to find a better way to get more water into your system. Naturally-sweetened carbonated water is an excellent way to get off the sugary sodas and start drinking a healthier alternative. There is also a lot of flavor options to choose from, so you will find yourself missing soda less and less.

How Can You Get Carbonated Water?

You will quickly find that purchasing cases and bottles of carbonated water at the store will begin to add up very quickly each week, which can cause your grocery bill to be a bit higher than usual. Sometimes people will even choose to drink tap water over carbonated water simply because of the cost. However, there is a solution!

SodaStream is an easy and affordable solution to this problem. With just a touch of a button, you can run your plain, still water through a CO2 canister which carbonates it quickly and easily. It incorporates those fun bubbles into your water and makes it come to life.

There is also a big selection of natural sparkling water flavors you can choose from to give your water that tasty boost you love so you will find that you won't miss soda as much as you thought you would. You will also feel better because you are supplying your body with the hydration it needs every day.

Using SodaStream is an excellent way to stay hydrated without breaking the bank and without turning back to drinking soda when you feel thirsty and don't want plain water.