Help! What should I do if my cylinder is leaking gas?

Bubbles overboard! Don’t worry, we’ll sort this out for you. 

If your cylinder is leaking gas, do not remove the bottle and cylinder or continue pressing the carbonating button.

Our Sparkling Water Makers are specially equipped with 2 valves that will safely release the excess gas, so you should wait for the sound of leaking gas to fully stop before handling your machine further.

If you experience this issue, please contact our Sparkle Support team for speedy fizz-assistance! 

Please provide the below details so we can replace your cylinder and our fizz-experts can better understand this issue you experienced: 

  1. The location where you purchased your cylinder.
  2. The Sparkling Water Maker model you own (model number is on sticker behind your cylinder)
  3. ShippingAddress [if relevant for sending a replacement cylinder]

We hope to get you back to bubbling soon!  You can contact us via email or phone at 800-763-2258.